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Essential Renewal:  A Chinese Medicine 30-Day Cleanse using essential oils, natural supplements, and Whole Foods to Rejuvenate Your Gut and Your Life!                                                        


Essential Renewal

30-Day Essential Renewal

$20 + Tax and Shipping. A simple guide to cleanse your Body and Gut with essential oils and basic Chinese Medicine dietary practices, and eating healthy beyond a cleanse. Feel healthier, have more energy, reduce depressive and anxious feelings, and move into a place of abundance in body, mind, and spirit! You can do this!!  

*this is not a purge, or an extreme diet, but a gentle natural approach.  


Includes recipes for your own Acupuncture Essential Oil blends that are based on ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbal Formulas.  Use them aromatically or topically for emotional & physical support needed during times of detoxification and renewal.

Reconnect the body, mind, and soul with scents like frankincense, clary sage, and ginger.  Learn More