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Essential Renewal

Essential Renewal An Essential Oil 30-Day Cleanse

Essential Renewal 30-Day Cleanse

Wellness Lifestyle & Healthy Digestion with the Essential Renewal program

This often begins with the question:  What Should I Eat to be healthy?

The Principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) are about Balance and moderation.  You can live a proactively healthy life by following the daily TCM Food Rules.  


There are many parts to living a wellness lifestyle.  Diet and nutrition, exercise and moving our bodies, sleep, meditation and stress management, limiting toxic exposures, informed self-care, and proactively seeking medical care when needed.

All are important.  Proper nutrition and healthy digestion is the foundation, which influences everything else, including our skin, the immune system, brain function, joints, muscles, hormones, cellular health and DNA, behavior and emotional well-being.

A detox-cleanse can help you with GI complaints such as:

  • Stomach pain and discomfort
  • Fullness, gas, or bloating, especially after eating
  • Stomach upset or nausea
  • Food sensitivities
  • Loose stools or diarrhea
  • Constipation and more!

Through books, courses, and online events you can develop new good habits with a healthy relationship with food that will last a lifetime.  As I develop this site, I will be posting more of these options for you.

  • Many people when transitioning to a new healthier lifestyle opt to begin with a 30-day Body-GI cleanse.  This often involves clean-eating, and taking cleansing and nourishing nutritional supplements.  With the addition of Essential Oils, I call it the Essential Renewal.

Essential because of the essential oils, and for supporting digestion, which the basic foundation of our health.  Renewal because you will have improved digestion and metabolism along with feeling great again!

After completing the Essential Renewal, you can continue to follow a healthier diet and lifestyle.  The basis of what you should eat to be healthy is included in the book.  It is more than a cleanse.  It is a way of life.

Essential Renewal:  A Chinese Medicine 30-Day Cleanse to Rejuvenate Your Gut and Your Life!

It’s all about your GUT!  You know it, and I know it!

We now acknowledge what the ancient Chinese Medicine doctors knew for centuries.  A healthy gut is essential for mental, physical and spiritual well-being.  It’s time to bring that front and center.

Introducing a way to use essential oils for a 30-Day full body and gut cleanse.  I call it the Essential Renewal.

You’re probably reading this because you want to do a 30-day cleanse.  You know that it’s a great place to begin a new healthier you.  Plus, you want to continue with your new healthier lifestyle after you complete the cleanse.  No more yo-yo dieting.  This is a long-term gentle natural approach.

However, like many people you are overwhelmed with all the differing dietary recommendations out there!  Which ones are right?  Should you follow a Paleo diet, Mediterranean, vegetarian, or vegan?

Moreover, there seems to be a resonating theme with most popular diets these days.  Most recommend a clean diet of eating only fresh, organic, NON-GMO, unprocessed foods.  Cut out sugar, white flour products, caffeine, alcohol, and polyunsaturated oils, as well as high fructose corn syrup.  Well, it seems they all have that part right!

And, what about the whole gluten-free craze?  Some dietary plans recommend to avoid grains completely.  All grains!

You are probably wondering must these strict diets be continued after the 30-day cleanse?  I don’t know, but if you’re like me, at first thought you might be thinking that you’re going to starve by the end of 30-days because there is nothing on this list to eat!  You might be thinking, “Will I be getting enough nutrients on this diet?  Will avoiding certain foods be enough that by the end of the month my body will feel energized and renewed?”

Is there a balanced way to eat that isn’t drastic that I will be able to incorporate for life?

What about the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) diet?  Have you ever thought of that?

If not, I’d like to share with you the awesomeness of essential oils, and the best eating practices as the, Essential Renewal.

It is A Chinese Medicine 30-Day Cleanse using Essential Oils, Natural Supplements, and Whole Foods to Rejuvenate Your Gut and Your Life!

I created this essential renewal program, to help you as I have helped many people in my acupuncture clinic develop healthier eating habits and lifestyles.  I did the research, and used my experience as a doctor of Chinese Medicine to create an easy to follow clean-spleen diet (healthier dietary choices) that will not leave you feeling deprived.

Trust me, I am just like you!  I am balancing career, family, household, two kids, their sports, school homework, and my own personal well-being.  Yes, I said that. Personal care to nourish my soul and fulfill my life’s meaning.  You can too!

I want simple healthy ways to feed myself and my family throughout the week.  I am not a complete health nut! Maybe only 80-90% of the time, ha ha ha! I understand there are times you may not have planned ahead.  Life happens.  Celebrations happen.  Be there.  There is no judgment here.  Let’s start wherever you are at right now and move into a place of abundance.

3 Top Ways an Essential Renewal Benefits Your Second Brain (Gut)

  1. Healthy Spleen-Qi (chee) Digestion, which influences everything, especially immune, cellular health & DNA. *Spleen-Qi is your metabolic and digestive system
  2. Healthy Intestinal bacteria supports Balanced Mood and Emotions
  3. Naturally Releasing Toxic Buildup supports organs such as liver, kidneys, lungs, colon, and skin.

The Top Benefits of a Healthy Gut That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Have more energy
  2. Release excess weight
  3. Naturally support cellular function and DNA
  4. Reduce muscle and joint tension
  5. Sleep better at night, naturally
  6. Boost or regulate your immune system
  7. Lift depressive & anxious feelings
  8. Have mental clarity & purpose
  9. Have clearer skin with a vibrant complexion at any age
  10. Get to the root of expressed feelings and distressed emotions

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What is the Essential Renewal?

A simple guide to cleanse your gut with essential oils and basic Chinese Medicine dietary practices.  Feel healthier, have more energy, reduce depressive and anxious feelings, and move into a place of abundance in body, mind, and spirit!

*This is not a fast, or a harsh purge.

My Book, Essential Renewal:  A Chinese Medicine 30-Day Cleanse using essential oils, natural supplements, and Whole Foods to Rejuvenate Your Gut and Your Life!

 Book Includes:

  • What to eat to be healthy in general for life.  Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) dietary food rules for a clean-spleen diet (healthier food choices)
  • A snap shot of a daily menu to show there is an abundance of yummy food choices
  • Foods to ‘Add-in’ & ‘Crowd-out’
  • Acupuncture Essential Oil recipes for emotional support for times of detoxification and renewal.
  • Reconnect the body, mind, and soul with the scents of frankincense, clary sage, and ginger.
  • Experience the benefits of the Chinese Medicine & essential oil connection for a new vibrant you!

Please note:  This book is generic for all essential oil users no matter the brand of high quality pure oils and quality nutritional supplements.  There is an appendix at the back of the book for those interested in what brands I personally know and trust because of experience and reputation.   The doTERRA Cleanse & Restore products are discussed in this post as examples of what I use for my own Essential Renewal.

Example of products that can be used along with the basic Chinese Medicine Dietary Practices

Cleanse & Restore kit from doTERRA includes:     

Cleanse and Restore Kit

Cleanse & Restore for Essential Renewal

  1. Lemon essential oil
  2. doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack (daily nutrients)
  3. PB Assist+ (defensive probiotic)
  4. GX Assist (GI Cleansing softgels)
  5. Digestzen Terrazyme (digestive and metabolic enzymes)
  6. Zendocrine Complex (whole-food herbal extract capsules)
  7. Zendocrine (essential oil detoxification softgels)
  8. DDR Prime (essential oil cellular complex softgels)

Who Would Benefit from this Cleansing program?

Anyone wanting to make a change in dietary choices and lifestyle habits.  It is often necessary to begin with a gentle cleansing protocol using essential oils, a clean-spleen diet (healthier food choices), and whole food supplements that will rejuvenate your gut, and help you create daily wellness routines and eating habits that will last a lifetime!

This would benefit anyone wanting healthy inflammatory responses, a boost to their immune system, support for their digestion and gut, balance mood and lift emotions, or more.

Why the Essential Renewal is different?

Essential renewal is a wellness lifestyle using the Chinese Medicine essential oil connection for an amazing vibrant you!

It is a gentle, effective, natural approach to cleanse and rejuvenate the gut, and whole-body.  This is achieved through nutritional support of the body’s organs naturally responsible for metabolizing and releasing toxins from the body. Chinese Medicine is about balance and harmony.  It isn’t too extreme, but middle of the road.

Whole food groups are not excluded long-term for everyone.  Certain foods may be omitted from your diet for a 30-day cleanse that generally require a gut full of healthy bacteria to digest them.  This gives your digestion a rest, and provides a cleansing effect, allowing you to determine  if they are a toxic trigger for you or not.  However, it isn’t as restrictive as other cleansing protocols.  Lentils and quinoa can be part of your diet as they are easy to digest, low in sugar, high in protein, and give satisfaction to your meals.  Wheat, especially processed, in Chinese Medicine is considered acidic, damp forming, and highly concentrated, thus should be eaten in small amounts.  It should be avoided if you are damp with excessive weight, poor digestion, and lethargy.  This is not a novel idea!  Therefore, wheat is excluded from your meals during a cleansing protocol for the reasons mentioned above.

Additionally, there is a long history of herbal therapy and use of essential oils in Chinese Medicine.  There are many oils that not only support and cleanse our digestive tract, but help us release pent up emotions, calm the mind, and lift our spirits.  There is a definite connection between our gut health, hormones, and mental-emotional well-being.  We can use ginger, cinnamon, and clove for example, to support healthy blood sugar levels, naturally support digestive function, and naturally cleanse our guts of unwanted built up residue, bacteria, fungus, and yeast.  These oils also nourish our emotions and spirits necessary during times of transition and renewal.

Natural whole food supplements are also highlighted that are balanced to support our Spleen-Qi digestive function according to the principles of Chinese Medicine.

The clean-spleen diet is based on Chinese Herbal Medicine (TCM), which has been practiced for thousands of years, thus there is a lot of experience from clinical trial and error.  The effects on the human body for enhancing health have been observed testing a myriad of different herbs, and foods over time for many people.

It is using essential oils, herbs, natural supplements, and whole foods per one’s constitutional tendencies of Chinese Medicine to have balance, feel healthier, have more energy, eliminate excess weight, and sleep better at night, naturally.

If what I’m saying makes sense to you, the next step is to begin our journey together with the Essential Renewal.

You can choose to use the same products that I use for myself and my family, but this information can be used for all essential oil users no matter the brand of high quality pure oils.

Join me in Healing your Second Brain (Gut) with the Essential Renewal

If what I’m saying makes sense to you, the next step is to begin our journey together with the Essential Renewal.

Begin your 30-day Essential Renewal with doTERRA’s Cleanse & Restore kit, which includes lemon essential oil, the LifeLong Vitality Pack® for daily nutritional needs, detoxification essential oil blend Zendocrine® Softgels, natural herbal detoxification Zendocrine® Complex, GI Cleansing with GX Assist®, time-released probiotic PB Assist+®, and cellular support essential oil blend DDR Prime®.  Follow my clean-spleen diet during the 30-day cleanse, and create a life-long healthier spleen-Qi diet.

The focus of the Essential Renewal is to first cleanse, then strengthen and improve the Spleen-Qi digestive system for overall better health, and mental-emotional balance.

Thus, let me show you how to use essential oils, real foods, and natural solutions to boost your immune system, feel great every morning, and improve your overall sense of well-being.  Essential oils, and natural solutions can give you the support you need to create a healthy lifestyle therefore a healthy Spleen-Qi digestive system.  Thus, I adapted a whole food clean-spleen diet, essential oil protocols, and supplements into the Essential Renewal.  This is a movement to act now for a healthier, happier you!

Order your doTERRA Cleanse & Restore Kit. 

  • Already a doTERRA member: login to your account at, enter your doTERRA ID#, and password you created when signing up. Under the shop tab, choose enrollment kits, and select the cleanse & Restore kit.  Per my math, it is a better savings to order the kit rather than each item individually.
  • Join as a new wholesale customer or wellness advocate with Dr. Michele
  • or join with a dōTERRA wellness advocate you want to work with.

Choose ‘Join & Save’ from the top menu (shop menu is for retail prices).  Follow prompts to select either customer or wellness advocate.  Under enrollment kits, select ‘Cleanse & Restore’ kit.  *Many people decide to purchase an essential oil enrollment kit in addition to the Cleanse & Restore kit for the initial savings during enrollment.

What if I want to start with other products

There are other enrollment kits with essential oils bundled together for great savings to choose from.

Therefore, some people choose to start with another enrollment kit because they want essential oils too! The best savings is when they are bundled together!

You are in charge, so you can order whatever you’d like.

  • Some people opt to order an essential oil kit, and then add the Cleanse & Restore kit to their Loyalty Rewards Order (LRP) and begin the Essential Renewal the following month.
  • Some people order 2 kits, either the Home Essentials Kit, Natural Solutions Kit, or Every Oil Kit, plus the Cleanse & Restore Kit, for example.
  • Both options will give you full advantage to follow the Essential Renewal.

Order your copy of the Essential Renewal $20.00 + tax and shipping.

Get your copy of the Essential Renewal: A Chinese Medicine 30-Day Cleanse using essential oils, natural supplements, and Whole foods to Rejuvenate Your Gut and Your Life!  By Michele Arnold-Pirtle, Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine (DACM), Licensed Acupuncturist (L.Ac.).

Essential Renewal A Chinese Medicine 30-Day Cleanse

Essential Renewal 30-Day Cleanse

Information Includes the following:

  • Herbal and dietary therapy recommendations are based on the flavors and thermal energetic temperature of the foods, herbs and spices that positively influence your Spleen-Qi digestive system.
  • Balance the use of salty, sour, bitter, sweet, spicy, cold or warming foods.
  • Tastes or flavors must do with the affects it has on the body as well as its actual taste. Too much or not enough of one can lead to imbalance.
  • Daily meal examples to show that even during a cleanse there is a lot of food choices with different ways to enjoy foods.
  • Essential oil uses, history, basics and safety.
  • Experience the natural solutions in the Cleanse & Restore kit from dōTERRA and essential oils for the harmonizing energetics of Chinese Medicine for a Healthy Spleen-Qi (chee) Digestion, and balanced mood and emotions.
  • Includes recipes for your own Acupuncture Essential Oil blends to use for emotional support needed during times of detoxification and renewal.  Reconnect the body, mind, and soul with the scents of frankincense, clary sage, and ginger.

Please note:  This book is generic for all essential oil users no matter the brand of high quality pure oils and quality pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements.  There is an appendix at the back of the book for those interested in what brands I personally know and trust because of experience and reputation.   The doTERRA Cleanse & Restore products are discussed in this post as examples of what I use for my own Essential Renewal.

Do You Need A More Customized Plan Based upon your Constitutional Diagnosis?

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What you will receive:

-Get your Chinese Medicine constitutional pattern diagnosis

-Specific ways to tweak your diet for your personal needs

-Best lifestyle practices for your constitutional type

-Learn simple to locate acupuncture points for self-care

-Essential oil blends and oils that reconnect body-mind-spirit

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This book has not been evaluated by the FDA.  The products and methods recommended are not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent illness or disease.  It is not a substitute for medical advice.  This book has been designed to provide information to help educate the reader regarding the subject matter covered. It is made available with the understanding that the author is not liable for any misconception or misuse of the information provided. It is not provided to diagnose, prescribe, or treat any disease, illness, or injured condition of the body. The author shall have neither liability nor responsibility to any person or entity with respect to any loss, damage or injury cased, or alleged to be caused, directly or indirectly by the information contained in this book. The information presented herein is in no way intended as a substitute for medical counseling.

Anyone suffering from any disease, illness, or injury should consult a qualified health care professional.

About the Author

Dr. of Chinese Medicine and doTERRA Advocate

Dr. Michele Arnold-Pirtle


Dr. Michele Arnold has been practicing the healing art of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture for over sixteen years.  She is your personal Energy Medicine specialist for gut health, stress reduction and emotional well-being.  She is excited to share her experiences and expertise to guide you on your journey with essential oils, herbs, and natural solutions.


“It is my personal mission to spread the potential health benefits of nature’s plant medicines.  Herbs, spices, and essential oils can be used to cultivate a wellness lifestyle to enjoy a healthier, happier life-longer!”

Live Truth & Freedom to Reach Your True-Potential, Naturally!




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