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Stress Relief

Heal the Soul first; then healing of the mind & body will follow

If the soul of a person becomes sick, then sickness of the mind & body will follow

from Dr. Zhi Gang Sha, TAO I, Soul Power Series

Stress, Relaxation, Emotional Balance and Soul Healing

I help busy women, moms, and grandmas, like you, reduce your stress, feel calm & centered, so you can feel more passion, purpose, and joy in your life!

Are you ready to feel good again, so you can be the best mom, grandma, daughter, sister, or wife that you want to be?  Are you ready to be able to do more of what you love without missing out because you don’t feel good?

Is stress ruining your life? Are your relationships suffering, is your work life not what it should be? Is it affecting you physically with headaches, muscle tension, high blood pressure, digestive issues?  Does it keep you awake at night?  Are you tired of feeling anxious, worried, depressed, or overwhelmed?

  • Stop feeling out of control, unorganized, irritated, short tempered, overwhelmed, or repressed without a sense of purpose!
  • Instead feel refreshed, confident, vibrant & ready for the day every morning!
  • Find passion, clarity and purpose with the ability to handle life stresses.
  • Build up those relationships, find forgiveness, while feeling calm, collected, sure and confident.

The Stress Less to Feel Your Best Program is specific for your needs using Acupuncture and Essential Oils because the health of your spirit and emotions are essential to your well-being!

We know the negative impacts stress has on our bodies:

  • Blocks healing
  • Immune system
  • Inhibits good gut bacteria
  • Depletes nutrients
  • Creates unhealthy inflammatory responses

How are we different?

We know that using typical Western Medicine for help may take years or forever with prescribed medication and psychotherapy.  Sleeping pills only help when you take them, and you are finding you will need them forever.  Many doctors may protest that you must take the sleeping aids because you can’t heal unless you sleep well, but the irony is that recent evidence concludes that sleeping aids shave years off your life!

Let’s not forget the financial and lifestyle impact these approaches may have.  These drastic approaches do have their place, however Chinese Medicine gets to the root causative factors healing the soul, and not just covering up symptoms, or making you dull your senses and emotions.

Sadness and grieving have a normal course of healing time approximately two years.  It is appropriate to feel sad and grieve after the loss of a loved one or a great let down.  However, the key is knowing the severity of help you may need.  If you are feeling as if you might hurt yourself or someone else, or are contemplating suicide then utilizing the best of what Western Medicine has to offer by way of counseling and medication is essential.  For an emergency call 9-1-1, or go to the emergency room.  There are local suicide prevention hotlines you can call.  Google local suicide hotline.  San Diego Crisis hotline number is 1-888-724-7420 located at 

Many people find that they do well or even better with a combined approach of holistic care along with counseling, and prescribed medications if they are necessary.

At our clinic we find that typical improvement for anxiety with regular treatment is about 4 months as opposed to never with standard Western treatment.

Insomnia generally improves after approximately 3 months of care as opposed to never with chronic use of sleeping aids.

Depression may take regular acupuncture and herbal care about 3-6 months.  It may require periodic treatments to maintain results.  This is as opposed to years or never with Western treatments.

What approach would you like? Something that takes years/forever/never with long-term side-effects or a natural whole-health system that gives results without side-effects?  We think you will love our approach!

So, get started today, click here to schedule your appointment

It is for those wanting transformation where it takes you from where you are right now, at point A, to where you want to go, point B.

Schedule 2 sessions per week the first 2 weeks, then weekly for 4-6 weeks, then bi-weekly.  Each treatment is cumulative, and builds upon the previous one with a well thought out treatment plan.

If you’re curious about Meridian Diagnosis per your constitution read on…

How correct diagnosis leads to the proper treatment to help you reduce stress, find emotional balance, and heal your soul.

Where do you need help or would like to be According to Your Five-Element Constitution?  

Emotions and Five-Elements

Emotions and Five-Elements

Chinese Medicine goes to the deeper emotional levels associated with the Five-Elements that are related to our organ-meridian systems.

  • Love, relationships, happiness, joy, appropriate boundaries, ability to adapt to changes: Fire-Element of the Heart and Small Intestine, Pericardium and Triple Burner
  • Mindfulness, overthinking, worry, concentration, focus, sympathy, and self-nourishment: Earth-Element of the Spleen-Pancreas and Stomach
  • Gratitude, faith, spiritual connection to something greater than yourself, pride, receiving and letting go, grief: Metal-Element of the Lungs and Large Intestine
  • Grounded, secure, self reliant, financial needs are met, stamina, resolve, and fear: Water-Element of Kidneys and Urinary Bladder
  • Have Clear intention, Planning, organization, following through, decisions, clear vision of path, purpose, and meaning, release anger, frustration, and pent up emotions: Wood-Element of Liver and Gallbladder

Move to a place of Abundance and Freedom with Five-Elements

  • Find inspiration, self-worth, openness, and letting go, moving forward
  • Inner strength, resolve, strengthen innate constitution, have appropriate fear, financial security
  • Feel a sense of purpose, passion, flexibility, assertion, release of anger, feel forgiveness for others and yourself

How does Gut and Digestive Health Relate to Our Emotions?

The gut, is your second brain.  Thus, your brain and your gut go hand in hand.  The most abundant source of Serotonin is found in your Gut not your brain!  The brain is the processor. The organs-meridians according to Chinese Medicine is where our feelings and emotions are felt and expressed, where the brain is the processor and deals with our thinking and cognitive abilities.

Studies have found that many chronic conditions may be related to a lack of friendly bacteria in our guts.  Our guts influence our immune system, cellular health, energy levels, healthy weight, our feelings and behaviors, natural blood sugar balance, nutritional absorption, and more!


We all need mental-emotional balance from time to time.  Everyone, including you, experiences ups and downs.  Of course, the down should only be temporary.  Some of us feel those downs more frequently than others.  When we do we may feel-

  • Anxious and depressive feelings
  • Have poor sleep patterns
  • Feel sluggishness or lethargic
  • Emotions affect digestion and visa versa                                                                                                                          
hold hands

Holding Hands together

Let me see if I can help you?

  1. Your current approach to health is not achieving the results expected
  2. You are tired of using synthetic chemicals and toxic solutions to just about everything
  3. You are confused by all the natural options available, and you don’t have time to research it all
  4. You want more energy and ability to do the things you love
  5. You don’t need drastic measures for immediate results that may or may not work, that have side-effects, and that don’t help in the long run
  6. You realize that traditional Western medicine is important for heroic drastic life-saving measures, not long-term quality of life and happiness.
  7. You know that true health begins with what you can do for yourself in your everyday life, and that it requires consistency for a minimum of 3 to 4 months to see longer lasting results.
  8. You are willing to commit to simple daily healthy habits that will transform your life!

What would you like to achieve?

  1. Short-term quick relief?
  2. Long-term health goals?
  3. Reduce prescription and over-the-counter medications
  4. Increase overall quality of life
  5. Go Natural!

Schedule your Appointment now!   

The Stress Less to Feel Your Best  includes the WHOLE MEDICINE of energy balancing and emotional release with acupuncture or non-needle micro-current Color-Light (like acupressure), essential oils, Chinese Herbal Teas made just for you, TCM based healthy eating plan, & Lifestyle.


Here’s What will happen during the initial exam and treatment:

  • We will go over your health history, health concerns and goals
  • Chinese Medicine exam with tongue and pulse diagnosis
  • Review of any lab findings if necessary
  • Referral to other health provider if necessary
  • Take charge of your own wellness with natural solutions
  • Energy Balancing with non-needle micro-current color-light technique or acupuncture
  • Essential Oil application
  • Initial appointment is approximately a 60 minute exam and treatment with Dr. Michele Arnold-Pirtle.